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Saphir 1925 Brown Creame

Saphir 1925 Brown Creame

Price: €21.00 €14.60

Collection: Cream
Volume (ml): 75
Color: Brown
Code: 37

The shoe tree is more than an accessory – it is a must!

Unworn men's shoes lose their form over time. Without shoe three, the risk of deformation (and even the appearance of smell) is much higher. You should insert shoe trees once you take your shoes off. Wooden shoe trees made of cedar woods absorb moisture, naturally assists drying of sweaty shoes, helps keep the shoe's shape and straighten out creases.

Use instruction:

Clean shoes from dust and mud before use. You can apply the cream with a special brush or cotton cloth in small quantity with circulating movements. Allow the product to dry, and then shine with a soft brush or wool cloth.

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